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April 19, 2013

As the project is nearing the final drawing of curtains, reality is slowly sinking in. At first I was still in denial, pretending that it’s not true; that we’ll still be a team. But, as the final day is creeping just around the corner I’ve realized that this is really it.

For the most part of my stay in the company, I’ve spent it with this team as this is my first project from bench. For 18 months, I’ve faced issues with them; had stressful days with them; rejoiced with them; laughed with them; joked with them and more. For 18 months, they’ve been my family, another group of friends inside the company. And it saddens me to realize that the project is ending at the time when the team is at its peak of closeness.

Before, when we were still in our old office location, we had little chance on chatting and mingling with one another due to the distance and desk arrangement. It was seldom that the Controls Team and CICO Team will eat lunch together in the pantry. This maybe because we have different deadlines and/or the pantry is too crowded. So, it wasn’t a wonder that we’re really not that close before (both teams, I mean) as we were scattered in the 22nd floor.

It was only when we’ve transferred to our new location that we became closer. We were seated so near to one another that it was easier to talk and laugh about things. It was only this time that both teams are eating together in the area by converting our mobile bins to tables (because the pantry is just too crowded and/or too small for us).

And because I was one of the guilty people who used to spend less time with the team due to deliverables and what not, I am trying my darnest best to make it up to them. They have become my family, my shock absorber, my FRIENDS. They’re the reason why going to the office is easier and bearable despite the distance; the reason why I still laugh despite any difficulties and issues; the very reason why although it’s really tempting to transfer to another company with a higher salary, I still chose to stay.

To the team, I am going to miss you so much. Thank you for making things bearable; for laughing with me and for understanding me. Thank you for making me at ease whenever I start to panic or when I’m at my wits end. I will definitely miss our kulitan and though the jokes are low blows sometimes, getting angry is the very last thing to do. I will miss our lunch bonding and our talks about anything; may it be about life, our families, our love life or hilarious past experiences. Thank you for the friendship!

As the project is about to end, I always wonder, after our long vacations, what will be our path by then? Will we still be together as a team in another project? Or will we be assigned to different projects with different schedules? Anyhow, I wish you luck in your upcoming projects. I hope we’ll still keep the bond we’ve shared until such time. 🙂

So, for our last hurrah for Team Krypton, looking forward to an enjoyable night at Hard Rock Café tomorrow; the Pangasinan Trip (for the confirmed lakwacheras); the drawing EK Trip and Spa experience.

Cheers for surviving the months when stress is at its peak and for those months when the water is calm! 🙂

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