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In Summary: 2013

December 31, 2013

It’s that time of the year again where one (by choice, though) has to do a year-end review. So, here’s mine…

For the very first time in my life, I’ve spent my 25th birthday away from home. It was a liberating experience realizing that no matter how ordinary I’ve treated my day, there are still many things to be thankful for. It was a bit sad but then, though only a few celebrated with me at least I know they were honest and true when they’ve greeted and celebrated.

My mother, after three years, went home to be with the family. If I’m not mistaken, she’s here for about a month. It’s amazing how the years apart instantly seems like it was just yesterday when you start bonding again. The foregone years were immediately embraced with warmth; melting all the longings away. Truly, a wave of goodbye promises a new wave of hello in the future; see you again (hopefully) in 2014 mother and brothers!

I may have lost a friend(s) but God gave me new ones and I’m forever gratified with this. I’ve learned that friendship, just like any other relationship, is a two way street. It doesn’t always have to be one way where only the other party has benefited. I realized friendship is more about caring for the welfare of the other, money/freebies is not the driver, judging is something you don’t do and most importantly, friendship is about being there when no one else would. This 2013, I was blessed with the insight of knowing who my real friends are and who are just mere acquaintances.

Rekindled friendships are the best and I’m glad I’ve finally found the time to rekindle good old friendships. The rush to be ahead of your time and be succumbed in the rat race are not excuses to postpone meeting a friend. Make time for friends, you’ll be surprised at how therapeutic it is to sit down and talk in person rather than messaging them online. Understand that spending time with the people who matters to you is way cheaper than any spa in the world.

If you’re looking for a best friend, look through your family. They will always be your best friend. It is guaranteed that they will understand, they will always be by your side, they will never go and they will always love you no matter what.

Keeping and sustaining a relationship is all about compromise. If the other one falls short, don’t hesitate to fill in the gap. Pride will never do you any good. Just because it was the other person’s fault, doesn’t give you an excuse to be a jerk. Accept that your partner is a person who has shortcomings too. Never shy away from falling in love over and over with the same person again. Welcome the mushy feelings no matter how corny it is. Love and be loved.

I’ve also realized that hard work really does pay. It is a cliche but then it’s true, perseverance is really a key to success. If you do your best, if you never give up, rewards will surely be reaped in the end. The results may not be today, the present may be a blur but hang on and believe in the promise of tomorrow.

So far, my 2013 is A-OK. I have realized/learned a lot of things. I have known myself better than last year. For those fortune tellers who said this year luck is not in my favor, well, I guess I didn’t see my 2013 the way you’ve seen it. Luck is always around the corner (no matter how small it is)! With this, I bid 2013 adieu and I hope 2014 will be better than all the years I’ve spent.


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