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Happy Birthday, Senior Cit! :)

April 14, 2014

There is this one person who once told me that money isn’t everything; what matters in life is happiness.

IMG01463-20060320-1912This same person is the guy who opened me to the world of books. As old as I am now, I still cannot forget my younger years where I used to borrow story books from the library and have him read it to me until I fell asleep. If there weren’t any children’s story book around, he would borrow my brother’s books. Yes, from a young age, someone already read Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura to me. I knew the story way before I’ve reached high school.

This same person is the guy who also taught me to enjoy answering puzzles. If there’s something that I have noticed in him, it’s that he loves doing puzzles. When I was a child, we would answer crossword puzzles together. I remember, if there’s a word I do not know, I’d ask him to supply the answer for me and if he can’t answer too, he’d open the thesaurus and look the word up for me. We’d search the words together and answer the crossword as much as we can.IMG01590-20060320-2030

This same person is the guy who I can call as my playmate. We would play hide and seek, piggy back riding, scrabble, tag you’re it, finger catching or simply tickling until we or I will have difficulty in catching our breath.

A lot of people think this guy is difficult to be with as he easily gets mad at little things and is usually silent. As a person who lived with him for years, yes, I can say that there are times that he’s a bit difficult to deal with but if you know him better, he is actually loving. He is usually silent but he is easy to laugh and talk with. He may get angry easily over petty things but the irony comes when bigger problems arise. Instead of getting angry, he usually is the first one to understand and forgive. You will never hear insulting words from him nor will he lay a hand on you. In a greater sense of things, I consider him as a patient and forgiving man. He is patient and loving such that he never demanded us to be perfect. He accepted us for what and who we are. He patiently waited for us to realize we’re mistaken or if we never do, he would advise us in a gentle manner. Even though we never say sorry for our mistakes, he still understands, forgives and talk to us like nothing has happened. Because, yes, he is a person who doesn’t hold grudges. A lot of people misunderstands him but to me, he is the most loving and forgiving person I know.


This guy I am referring to is none other than my father who also stood as my mother when she wasn’t around the house. My father who I could always and will never be afraid to joke around with, whenever I see fit. My father who has been proud of what we, his children, have become. My father who accepts us for who we are. My father who have always loved us despite our flaws and shortcomings. My father who have always understood us even if I know there are countless of times that we have failed and hurt him.



I know I am not living in our home anymore and when I am home, I know I am more outside than I am inside the house. But I want you to know that even though I am away, I have and will always treasure our times together. I will never forget those times that you used to drive me to school or work and when I say I’ll be late, you would always find a way for me to arrive on time (if you were a racer, you would win; I guess!) I will forever cherish those moments when we would talk about nothing in particular or the way I throw jokes at you and you would just laugh it off though sometimes the subject of the joke is you. Those moments that you have remained calm despite the problems. Those moments that you hug me whenever you feel or I feel like it. Those moments when I know you’re proud of me. The little things you do for our family, I highly appreciate them. Especially those times when we didn’t have any house help and mama wasn’t around, you stood up and did the chores with us. I could still remember you trying your best effort to wake up early in the morning so you could cook for us without any complaints. Thank you, Pa.

Also, I am sorry for those times that I may have hurt or disappoint you. I know I was/am also difficult to raise as I am quite a little rebel myself. I am sorry for those times that I did not listen to you. Those times that I have taken you for granted. Those times where I have misunderstood you especially at the peak of my teen years. I am really sorry. I hope it is still not too late to somehow make it up to you in my own little ways.

Again, thank you, Pa for always understanding me. Thank you for your love and for always giving your best effort to provide us for what we need. Thank you for letting me know who you are despite everything. Please note that in turn, I also love you for who you are and who you are not. I really appreciate the little and big things that you do for us. Thank you and Happy 63rd Birthday, Pa! I love you! 🙂

Lots of love from your eldest “little” daughter 🙂



I know this came in late as work got in the way for me. It’s 11PM already and you’re probably drunk at your party right now. But still I am wishing that you had a blast and may this new year that God granted you be more happier than the last. May God bless you with good health and more blessings.


Happy birthday to our wanderlust/golfer! hehe! 😛

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