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When Everything Feels Like A Joke

September 3, 2015

hope1There are times when everything seems to be so fake. It reaches to a point where no matter how hard you try to make sense of everything, life just stares right back at you, taunting you, smiling at you and all you want to do is smack it.

Times when you’ve caught yourself in a limbo; where the relationship is hot and cold. Where you actually do not know where it’s heading but then a tiny voice whispers to just follow where it leads and wait what happens next. And so you believe. You listen to that tiny voice with a matching glitter of hope in your eyes that someday everything will be over. That someday everything will be alright and you won’t go to sleep wondering if you’ve made the right decision.

Every night you wonder, you hope, you dream that what you’re going through is just a nightmare and one day you’re going to wake up and catch life laughing and telling you everything was just a joke. But while you’re so caught up in relishing the thought that everything is a joke, reality starts creeping in reminding you that life doesn’t joke. So you start pondering again.

In the end, you feel so small. No matter how strong you’ve become, at the end of the day you still feel so weak. You feel so alone though you’re surrounded with friends, you have a good career, you have your family; still it feels so empty.

But then again, no matter how small, how alone or how empty you feel, always (i mean always) believe in the promise of tomorrow. One day (may not be today), as cliche as it may sound, everything will be alright. One day everything will make sense and when that day comes, I wish you could look at the past smiling, laughing and take pride on yourself for having been able to overcome the nightmare per se. Good luck! 🙂

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