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Hello, World!

April 10, 2016

Hello, World! – God, I missed this line. If you, by any chance, studied programming, this phrase is quite common to you as this will be the first text code you’re gonna write.

As it is in the world of IT, I am quoting that text again…HELLO, WORLD! I, once again, am online. Not because I want to share my deepest thoughts and/or pour out my emotions. But simply because I am just wide awake at 3AM in this side of the planet. I’ve re-read my post and somehow find it a bit serious. So, on a lighter note – I snipped one blogging challenge to help me get back to what I love (apart from movies, music and books) – writing!

Here goes my second (first) entry in this blogging challenge. LOL!

Day 1 (again): Post 20 Facts About Yourself

  1. I struggle in giving out commands to people older than me. Simply because I find myself not having the authority to do so. Not because I am not entitled but I don’t know…maybe because I think they are older and they stayed longer in the company (?) I am learning though.
  2. I am a firm believer of the most used advice: things will get better in time. Nothing in this world is permanent – life is a constant change. So I don’t get it when people sulk and be bitter for a loooooong period of time. Hey, things get better, cheer up! 🙂
  3. I am not the most religious person on earth but I do have faith. You may not see me in church as required or see me reading the bible, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fear God. I am the type who believes that I do not have to be in church every single time to prove that I have a religion. I am more of: I show my faith to the Lord silently.
  4. I care less about your politics and yes, your religion. I don’t care if you’re an atheist, a Muslim, a devout Christian, a democrat, a republican, etc. As long as we get along pretty fine and we respect each other’s beliefs than I’m good with that. We don’t have to be the same all the time.
  5. I keep a small circle of friends. I have many acquaintances but I always go back to my circle.
  6. Time is precious to me. So, when I spend time with you, most often than not, that is because you matter to me. I could drop everything and spend time with a friend no matter how late it is (online or offline).
  7. Being a reader and a once-writer, I have difficulty in expressing my emotions and thoughts orally. I can join in on a topic and discuss it with you but when it comes to unbearing Me – well, that’s another story. People find me talkative but if you know me better, I usually just write everything down.
  8. I don’t think I am workaholic (as what others think I am). I always find time to balance things out. I do shut down and be off the grid most of the time and I do forget about work everytime I clocked out of the office. But when there’s something that needs to be done or be submitted, that’s another story. See, a workaholic works even if there’s nothing to really work on. I, for one, only works and burns the candle at both ends as needed.
  9. I am picky – in food, music, books and movies. Some say I am high maintenance but I dare say I am not. It just so happens that I know exactly what I want and I will be having it. So why am I not high maintenance despite of being picky? It’s because I do not expect you to do it for me. I will do it on my own.
  10. Darn, this challenge is difficult. What else? I guess I am selfish? Selfish in a way that I don’t really care about your opinion on a certain hype and most of the time, I also rarely share a piece of my pie to a bandwagon. I usually tune you out and think of other trivial things than listen to your politics, your religion or your say on the latest local celebrity tandem.
  11. I love spending time alone – Me time! I can enjoy a cup of coffee, a hearty meal, buy a good merchandise and watch a good movie…alone. Not because I am a loner (because I’m not), but because I love the liberation it gives! I discover a lot about me. 🙂
  12. And oh, I love people watching and creating a story inside my head. Or sometimes just wonder how their day is going. I space out sometimes while observing people.
  13. I once dreamt of becoming a writer but reality check: I am too occupied with other stuff that writing has become a silent outlet that I just uncover as I feel like it.
  14. Living alone taught me a lot of things: house chores, budgetting, groceries and ultimately: living independently! I guess finally being financially independent (from my parents) and proving to them that I can make it despite of the challenges of looking after myself…is one of my greatest achievement. lol
  15. During my lazy days, I happily let the sands of time flow smoothly by reading a good book, watching movies and/or spacing out while listening to music spanning from the 60s to the modern ones; from soul to rnb to rock to pop to whatever I feel like listening.
  16. I was once given a privelege to teach programming to a bunch of college students. And until today, I still wonder if I’ve taught them properly because I am well aware that I am not good in explaining things. I would rather let you figure things out.
  17. During my college days, I’ve already mapped what my career should be…coding! coding! coding! That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do – be a programmer in a good company. Yet, lo and behold, ever since I’ve graduated, the nearest thing I’ve got to programming was teaching them how to do it for a semester! Being part of the project management and/or an analyst was never part of my plan. I hated it when I was in college. But, life really knows how to put a good joke on me – here I am engulfed in the Program Management world. LOL! No regrets though 🙂
  18. I realized that the only thing that makes me quit is when I will come to a realization that it doesn’t serve it’s purpose anymore. Or when things don’t interest me anymore and I’m bored out. To me, no matter how difficult a situation is, as long as my interest is still there – I am definitely in!
  19. Ever since I was a kid, I always function better at night. My mind works efficiently at night. The things that take me long hours during the day, I can actually finish it at a remarkable shorter duration at night. I usually write during the wee hours of dawn or late nights too! And I figured, cramming works for me! I love to cram because that’s when my brain functions well and I can think quick! Maybe that’s the reason why I usually cram and study late night and dawn for my exams (or nah, I’m just good in procrastinating!)
  20. LASTLY, I love my life so much that I actually do not like to be sad and/or depressed. Whenever I find myself in that situation, I always try my best to move on quickly so I can enjoy and be happy most of the time. Life is so wonderful don’t waste it in a negative way 🙂

There you go! Finally able to finish this and update my blog after so many months!

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